Why Active Listening is Essential in Social Work


What is social work active listening? Active listening is a communication technique used in social work to help the person being listened to feel understood and supported. Social work active listening involves the listener paying close attention to the speaker, making sure not to interrupt, and reflecting back on what they have heard. This helps … Read more

All You Need to Know About the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Before we delve into the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and any ethical concerns, first let us try to understand the meaning of Tuskegee. According to Wikipedia, the name “Tuskegee” comes from Spanish “Tasquiqui”, which came from the Muskogee word “Taskeke”, a name of a Greek settlement at this site, meaning “warriors.” Tuskeegee is also a city … Read more

Social Work Registration: Is it Necessary and How to Get it Done


Social Work England (SWE) sets standards, holds a register, quality assures social work education and investigates complaints. Top 9 Social Work Books You Must Have in Your Library The A – Z Guide of Social Work Registration Some social work degree programs may only be offered through a university, college or higher education institute. Seventy-one … Read more

The 9 Social Work Competencies You Need to Know

social work competencies

TRENDING CONTENT ON SOCIAL WORK HAVEN In social work, there are a range of social work competencies. An understanding of these different types or forms of social work competencies can be helpful in supporting social workers to recognise the use of a range skills in any given situation. If you think about social work competencies … Read more

Social Work Humour for the End of A Long Day


TRENDING CONTENT Essential social work skills include empathy, authenticity, resilience and respect. These skills help us cope with situations and meet the needs of service users or clients. However, the best coping mechanism in social work is definitely humour. Finding humour in situations that stress you out in social work releases endorphins and makes you … Read more

51 Effective Ways to Fight Social Work Burnout

social work burnout

TRENDING CONTENT Social work burnout can affect the way we execute our role. It can cause social work stress, and a stressed social worker cannot perform their role effectively. What is social work burnout Do you ever feel tired after a long day of sleep? Or always feel helpless, as if there is nothing left … Read more

Avoid Getting Stuck | Capacity Assessment Example Questions

mental capacity assessments in social work

Making decisions may sometimes come as a challenge to some people. This may be due to an illness or tiredness, and the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) (2005) may be used as a decision support tool. Possible signs of limitation in mental capacity may include a brain injury, substance/alcohol misuse or a mental health problem. So … Read more

Genogram in Social Work: Worth a Thousand Words?

monogram in social work

TRENDING CONTENT ON SOCIAL WORK HAVEN What is a genogram? A genogram is a picture worth a thousand words! It offers a pictorial display of a person’s family relationships and medical history. What is genogram in social work? A genogram uses a set of symbols to help social workers understand family dynamics. It is a … Read more

Best 9 Documentaries on Netflix For Social Workers

Netflix Documentaries for Social Workers

TRENDING CONTENT ON SOCIALWORKHAVEN.COM Discover 9 thought-provoking Netflix documentaries for social workers. Delve into the world of social work and take a sneak peek at the reality of this industry. Before we delve in, let’s first explore what a documentary is. In recent years, the documentary genre has radically developed and so it’s not a … Read more