by Angy


Supercharge your life with these resources

Want resources to help with personal development, self-care, mindfulness and career progression?

Are you tired of figuring it all out on your own?

Supercharge your personal development and mindfulness journey with my tried & tested strategies and check out my eBooks, paperback books and free resources.


Are you ready to get noticed at the job interview and get hired?

How often have you heard of someone not succeeding at a job interview? Have you thought of reasons this person may not have been hired?

You will need to master some skills to outshine other candidates. These skills can be learned and can improve your chances of securing the job of your dreams.

In this book (paperback and eBook available), How to Ace Your First Social Work Interview, you will learn the strategies that will secure you the position.


Following the challenges I faced at the onset of my career in getting capacity assessments right, I wrote this book – Making Report Writing Easy which is packed with useful information around making report writing easy for health and social care professionals.

This Simple Guide to Report Writing will be a vital resource for any health and social care professional working with individuals who may lack capacity to make specific decisions.

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