Social Worker Personal Statement | Example

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social work personal statement example

This example personal statement will inspire you to write your own unique social work personal statement to support your application to the University of your choice.

Social Worker Personal Statement  Social Worker Personal Statement | Example

My inspiration to study to become a social worker stemmed from my desire to make a positive impact in the lives of people.

I have always been passionate about the wellbeing of people I come into contact with.

Social work is a course I believe would enable me actualise this passion. Within my current role as a care assistant, I have gained vast experience in working with vulnerable people where I have supported them with their day-to-day activities and ensured that their wellbeing is paramount in the support given.

I support the service users with personal care, dressing, preparing their meals, shopping, medication management and accessing the community. I feel that within this role; I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge which can be applied in social work practice. My experience will guide me in understanding the different interventions used by social workers and enhance my knowledge of social work theories and methods.

I have a fair understanding around the Children Act 1989/2004, Human Rights Act and the Care Act 2014.

I have worked closely with social workers in the past. This experience has given me a great insight into the role of social work.  I now have a good understanding around the role of the social worker, and how they can affect the lives of individuals positively in the society. 

As a care assistant, I have gained experience working and supporting adults with dementia and have experienced its adverse effects on individuals, especially their families.

If given the opportunity to enrol on the social work course, I will really want to expand my knowledge around the challenges that dementia patients face daily and how social work practice can enhance their lives.

Social Worker Personal Statement | Example

In my role as a care assistant, I was able to encourage a woman who had almost given up on the husband. She found it difficult to cope with the memory loss and confusion experienced by her husband, his constant referral of her as his mum instead of the wife challenged her emotionally.  As a care professional, I recognised the need for further support for the wife and found charities that could help her come to terms with the changes her husband was experiencing.

Support groups such as “dementia friends” encouraged her and gave her the support she needed to face the changes.

This experience really encouraged me to research more into dementia. The knowledge gained on the research and the training I had from my work as a care assistant gave me a better understanding of the disease and how to support people effectively.

Pursuing Social work would enable me gain more knowledge to help give adequate and statutory support to vulnerable adults or children. Social Worker Personal Statement Sample
As a care assistant presently working with X care, I support vulnerable individuals who have difficulties with their daily activities using an open, honest, empathetic, and strengths based approach. With my role as a care assistant, I have become open-minded, patient, and non-judgemental when working with people. I believe these are essential skills and traits for social workers.

Effective communication skills and teamwork are some skills I have learned which would be very useful in my pursuit to become a social worker. To be a good carer, you must always have the wellbeing of clients at the heart of decision-making process. This is a quality I have and exhibited in my working practice, and I believe these are transferable skills I could bring to social work.

In preparation towards enrolment onto social work course, I have attended university open days to enable me to get some firsthand information about the course.

As a person who enjoys gaining more knowledge, I have read David Howe’s Book “A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory” to enhance my understanding around the social work course I wish to pursue.

I feel my background, skills and ambition will allow me to be a valuable asset to your social work training programme.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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