How to Use Mental Health Hashtags on Social Media

Do you use Instagram or other social media platforms to create awareness on mental health or self-love?

You may be a blogger, or perhaps you provide content in one of these areas will find this article useful.

As a mental health blogger, I have realised that using hashtags can encourage social media users to explore content that catches their eye.

It is also highly useful when people are trying to find relevant information.

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How To Use Mental Health Hashtags on Social Media

So in this article, you will discover the best self-love and mental health hashtags for Instagram and other social media platforms.

This will enable you to create an empowering and positive self-love and mental health campaign on social media.

What is a Hashtag #?

A hashtag is a phrase, keyword or abbreviation that comes after the number sign, #, and is used online to categorise content shared on social media.

Mental Health Hashtags for Instagram

Mental Health Hashtag for Instagram

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and is considered one of the most powerful social media platforms.

This platform can influence users, give businesses an online presence, and connect people on a global scale, this incredible platform uses hashtags to categorise and create virtual communities.

Despite Instagram primarily being a platform to share snapshots and videos of your life, some social media profiles are choosing to promote and share an uplifting and empowering message about positive mental health and self-love.

Let’s take a look at how you can use hashtags on different social media platforms, how they’re being used to create a positive mental health community, and what the top self-love hashtags are.

Why Do People Use Hashtags?

Why do people use hashtags

A hashtag is used to help users find content they like, or that interests them, and in other circumstances, a hashtag is designed to create a virtual community or promote an idea, lifestyle, brand or trend.

Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, but we can also use them on Facebook and Pinterest.

Another main reason why people use hashtags is to increase the reach of a social media post.

If you share an image on Instagram with no hashtags, your social media reach will probably be low and your post may only be visible to your followers.

By using relevant hashtags on an Instagram post, for instance, you can attract a greater reach and in turn, earn more likes, comments and followers.

Using hashtags can also allow social media platform algorithm to understand better what your content is about.

How to Use Hashtags Effectively On Social Media?

Hashtags on social mediaIf you’re hoping to promote a positive mental health message on social media, here are some simple ways to use self-love hashtags and hashtags for mental health on different social media platforms.

Instagram hashtags: Use around 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per Instagram post. When posting an Instagram Story, you also have the opportunity to include one hashtag, so make it count!

To find the best hashtags and grow engagement rate for Instagram, you can use the Best Instagram Hashtag Generator.

Twitter hashtags: Similar to Instagram, use 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per tweet on Twitter.

Facebook hashtags: When posting on Facebook you can also include a couple of hashtags, although remember people don’t tend to search via hashtag on this platform.

Pinterest hashtags: When creating a new pin, I add around 2 to 8 hashtags in your pin description to increase visibility. Please note that Pinterest allows a maximum of 20 hashtags per pin–official information can be found HERE.

Tiktok: With a 150-character limit per TikTok video description, be careful when using hashtags. Similar to Instagram, TikTok hashtags can help increase your views, likes and followers.

Top Positive Mental Health & Self-Love Hashtags

mental health awareness hashtagsIf you’re launching a positive mental health campaign on social media, or you want your content to reach a virtual community that appreciates self-love, self-care and personal development, here are some fantastic and effective social media hashtags to use right now!

Anxiety & Mental Health Hashtags

Anxiety hashtags

  • #anxietyawareness
  • #anxietysupport
  • #anxietytips
  • #anxietyquotes
  • #anxietyrelief
  • #anxietyfree
  • #mentalhealth
  • #mentalhealthcrisis
  • #mentalhealthsupport
  • #mentalhealthadvocate
  • #mentaldisorder
  • #itisokaynottobeokay
  • #hereforyou
  • #livingwithmentalillness
  • #supportingpeople
  • #peoplewithmentalillness
  • #mentalhealthsupportgroup
  • #mentalhealthblogger
  • #mhblogger
  • #mentalhealthrecovery
  • #recoveringfrommentalillness
  • #mentalhealthquotes
  • #mentalhealthcheckins
  • #mentalhealthtips
  • #mentalhealthday
  • #mentalhealthchallenge
  • #mentalhealthjournaling – you can find my article on How to Start a Mental Health Journal 
  • #mentalhealthbulletjournal
  • #mentalhealthawareness
  • #mentalhealthstigma
  • #goodmentalhealth
  • #mentalillness
  • #depression
  • #mentalhealthmatter

Self-care & Self Love Hashtags

self-love hashtag

  • #positiveenergy
  • #positivevibes
  • #wellness
  • #positivity
  • #wellnessjourney
  • #wellnessblogger
  • #wellnesslifestyle
  • #wellnesscoach
  • #meditation
  • #meditationpractices
  • #mindfulnesstips
  • #mindfulness
  • #mindfulliving
  • #gratitude
  • #happiness
  • #mindfulness

Wellness & Mindfulness Hashtags

Mindfulness hashtags

  • #positiveenergy
  • #positivevibes
  • #wellness
  • #positivity
  • #wellnessjourney
  • #wellnessblogger
  • #wellnesslifestyle
  • #wellnesscoach
  • #meditation
  • #meditationpractices
  • #mindfulnesstips
  • #mindfulness
  • #mindfulliving
  • #gratitude
  • #happiness
  • #mindfulness

Personal Development Hashtags

personal development hashtag

  • #personaldevelopment
  • #mindset
  • #personalgrowth
  • #self-development
  • #abilities
  • #empowerment
  • #actualization
  • #autonomy
  • #fulfilment
  • #routine
  • #dailyhabits
  • #personaldevelopmenttime
  • #personaldevelopmentjourney
  • #personaldevelopmentgoals
  • #personaldevelopmentjunkie
  • #selfdevelopment
  • #personaldevelopmentquotes
  • #personaldevelopmentideas
  • #lifecoach
  • #selfimprovementideas
  • #selfimprovement

Social Work Hashtags

social work hashtag

  • #socialworker
  • #social work
  • #empowerment
  • #support
  • #vulnerable
  • #empathy
  • #respect
  • #socialworkersrock
  • #proudtobeasocialworker
  • #values
  • #diversity
  • #personalisation
  • #socialworkethics
  • #socialworkskills
  • #socialworkintervention
  • #charity
  • #therapy – read my article on How to Become Your Own Therapist
  • #volunteers
  • #mentalhealth
  • #love
  • #protect
  • #advocate
  • #mentalhealth
  • #childprotection


Social media platforms welcome the use of hashtags as they are used as wide search phrases.

BUT, remember not to apply the spam techniques used on Instagram with the intent to entice users by adding common hashtags that have nothing to do with the image and content they are linked to.

You may get your account suspended and reinstating it can take a while.

Some social media sites will have a hashtag generated and can show you additional hashtags which start from the same keyword you are typing.

If you are stuck, you can use the free Hashtag Generator 

Mental Health Hashtags | How To Use Hashtags on Social Media: Final Thoughts

  • Anxiety & Mental Health Hashtags
  • Self-care & Self Love Hashtags
  • Personal Development Hashtags
  • Social Work Hashtags
  • Wellness & Mindfulness Hashtags

Remember, the more relevant content you have, the more engagement you will get from your target audience.

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