10 Winter Goals You Need to Accomplish

Setting winter goals has been on my mind. Usually in the winter, I enjoy curling up around an excellent book and often dream away.

Although I have never thought of setting winter goals, this year I am trying it.

Every passing day of the autumn makes me realise that winter is not far now.

We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives Gary Zukhav

10 Winter Goals You Need to Accomplish

The icy beauty of winter is something that everyone loves to enjoy.  Whenever snow falls soundlessly in the middle of the night, it always fills my heart with sweet clarity.

Some people may have some goals they want to achieve every winter. For those who don’t know what their goals may be, this article will be useful.

In this article, I will explore ten winter goals that you need to accomplish.

1. Treat skin dryness

Winter goals

The major problem most people have to face during winter is skin dryness. In winter, your skin feels dry; your body feels dry; the air feels dry.

When the air is cold and dry, the moisture in the skin quickly evaporates and makes the skin flaky.

Dryness of the skin can lead to major health problems.

You may have to deal with patchy and cracky skin if this dryness is not treated properly.

So the very first goal you must set in the winter is to find a solution to dry skin.

The best help, in this case, can be a good moisturising cream or lotion that contains all the essential ingredients your skin needs during the winter.

2. Prevent dehydration

winter goals to set

Another main issue people face during winter is the dehydration.

Dehydration is losing more fluid than you take in.  In the winter months, the humidity level outside drops, causing dehydration.

To keep the body hydrated in the winter months, drink enough fluids by making a water consumption chart for yourself.

Health authorities have recommended drinking eight -8-ounce glasses equivalent to 2 litres or half a gallon.

To keep track, all you need to do is to draw a chart with two columns; one for the total number of glasses and the other for the number of glasses consumed.

You can simply add the number of glasses you have consumed on the sheet. You can determine whether you have reached your goal at the end of the day.

3. Stay active

stay active in winter

Moodiness is common in winter months and it is essential to stay active to improve your quality of life.

So look past the frigid temperatures and get yourself up, moving and active.

Indoor swimming can boost your physical and mental health.

Try an outdoor workout.

Ice skating can offer a great way to workout, especially as a cardio exercise.

Walk at the shopping centre. Shopping centres or malls are a great way to getting in some steps. So this winter, go window shopping with friends and family.

Try an online workout you can follow at home. I find this a great way to stay indoor away from the chill while still following several good fitness workouts to strengthen your leg muscles, abs, core muscles, cardio and balance.

Take the stairs instead of the lift or elevator. Climbing the stairs offers a great way to burn fat and keep your heart rate up.

Exercise is an important activity of life, and you shouldn’t stop it, no matter how the weather is outside. So wake up early and set a proper exercise plan for yourself.

You can also join a gym with a friend or colleague to make sure you don’t miss your set routine.

Exercise is an important activity that just requires a lot of motivation and a little hard work BUT it will leave you with countless benefits.

4. Trek through nature

nature walk in winter

Nature walk and observe the beautiful sceneries winter brings along with it.  This will help you get in some physical activity while enjoying the winter months.

5. Take advantage of the sunlight.

I love my sleep so when the clocks fall back for winter; I am ecstatic. BUT, I do not look forward to the brief hours of sunlight that winter ushers in.

Personally, I love the sunshine and I’m going to miss the long sunny days of summer.

Although sunshine is limited in the winter months, there are some ways to get more sunlight in your life.

You do not have to go out but can open your curtains to let light in. Find a bright spot in your home and sit there for sometime while reading or watching your favourite TV programme.

You may even want to start a little gardening in your backyard. Watering your plans will give you a great excuse to go out in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh produce for your meals.

It is important for you to have as much sunlight in the winter months as much you can. Spend some time in the sun when you can!

6. Eat healthy food

healthy food in winter

I have already highlighted the limited sunshine availability during winter months, as a result, you need food sources rich in essential vitamins such as vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D is linked to weakening of bones, increased heart disease and impaired growth.

So look after your health by getting your 5-a-day, avoid comfort eating and use frozen vegetables which can be more nutritious than fresh ones and will long longer in the freezer.

Eating healthy will mean even if you pick up winter illnesses, your immune system will protect you and speed up your recovery.

7. Create your own soup recipes

Winter is the perfect time to learn some unique soup recipes and let your taste buds enjoy the flavours.

You can certainly enjoy a wonderful home made soup during the cold weather and long nights.

8. Plan for the new year

plan for new year

The best time to plan for the new year is in the winter.

So grab your notepad and start planning for the Christmas and New Year parties.

You can even start planning for the new year!

9. Try some winter self-care

Staying indoors gives you more time to focus on yourself. Try some winter self-care or self-love routine.

10. Learn to knit winter clothes

knitting in winter

How about knitting your new sweater yourself instead of spending lots of money on buying one from the store? This will not only save you money but will also help you learn a new skill.

Before you go

These were the top 10 things you must try this winter.

It is easy to accomplish all these goals only if you keep yourself motivated and stay determined—best of luck for the winter months ahead and stay warm.

Remember to keep yourself nourished and stay on top of your diet to boost your immune system to protect you better.

10 Winter Goals You Need to Accomplish

  1. Treat skin dryness
  2. Prevent dehydration
  3. Stay active
  4. Trek through nature
  5. Take advantage of the sunlight.
  6. Eat healthy food
  7. Create your own soup recipes
  8. Plan for the year
  9. Try some winter self-care
  10. Learn to knit winter clothes


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