How to Use Psychology Tools | Mental Health Worksheets

Mental health work sheets such as anxiety worksheets and depression worksheets are all psychology tools that you can use to get the help you need and completely transform your life.

Mental health worksheets provide you with tips and strategies you can use to cope with depression, stress, anxiety and your overall wellbeing.

You may still have tough days even after using mental health worksheets BUT you will find that your life overall will be much better.

How to use psychology tools | mental health worksheet

mental health worksheets

The focus of mental health worksheets is on practice rather than theory.

With worksheets, you will not find any long-winded explanations on mental health which could make you feel stunned or leave you pondering over your next action.    

For mental health worksheets to work, you will need to commit to using it as part of your daily routine and to see the plan through to the end.

What are the types of mental health worksheets?

Mental health worksheets may be in the form or anxiety worksheets, depression worksheets or self-help worksheets. There are also mental health worksheets for students.

You can use a mental health worksheet to identify your primary issues with anxiety, depression or stress.

You can then work through different strategies that you can use to cope better by reducing your symptoms.

While it is not intended for worksheets on mental health to replace a therapist, you can consider it your accountability partner in a quest for good mental health.

What activities or hobbies are good for mental health?

anxiety worksheets

Hobbies provide an outlet for creativity, distraction, achievement and something to look forward to.

Research also shows that there are both physical and mental health benefits to taking up a hobby.

That is why hobbies can be a good way to help fight anxiety.

It can also help calm down an overactive mind, reduce chronic worry and bring a sense of fun and freedom.

In my recent article 13 Outstanding Hobbies for Anxiety | Stress you will find a detailed benefit of engaging in activities or hobbies for your mental health on

  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Dog walking
  • Walking
  • Knitting or Crocheting
  • Exercise
  • Start a blog on mental health

Some mental activities can also help reduce symptoms around mental health.

Activities such as having fun with a jigsaw puzzle and playing card games can help focus your mind, giving the mind a much–deserved break from anxious and worrying thoughts.

These therapeutic activities for mental health can support you on the road to recovery.

Tools and Apps for mental health

mental health app

Here are a few of my favourite tools and apps I highly recommend.

1. Headspace App

Headspace has changed my life. I actually feel that it saved my life!

Headspace can help you let go of stress and relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day.

There are exercises on topics including managing anxiety, stress relief, breathing, happiness and focus.

The headspace mindfulness blog also has many useful information and strategies towards having a deeper appreciation of the importance of your mental health.

2. Calm App

I have used calm app frequently, and it is good for sleep, meditation and relaxation.

Try this app and experience better sleep, lower stress and anxiety levels.

You will have access to guided meditations which are very useful when you are new to meditation.

On this app are sleep stories, mindful exercises, calming music, breathing programmes and other relaxing techniques.

anxiety worksheets


3. Pzizz App

Where do I start?

I have used several apps and medication to help with insomnia, and many provided temporary relief.

However, after finding Pzizz, I have never looked back and I use it every single night without failure.

Listening to Pzizz app will help stop your mind racing and aid sleep.

You can stay asleep and wake up energised.

The App uses psychoacoustic principles to create beautiful dreamscapes that will help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed

Features include custom length where you can set your listening time.

Offline use where even without an internet connection, pzizz will still work.

Hybrid music system with remixed sounds enhance your chances of going to sleep and waking up refreshed.

Variable voiceover, which provides a controlled and soothing voiceover based on proven clinical sleep interventions.

Advanced features like fade out timers that can be used for custom alarm to wake up to!

Personalised features that learn the sounds you like or dislike overtime. This can then give you the best sleep experience.

Try it and am sure you will thank Pzizz for the many zzzzz’s you have!

4. Calm Harm

Calm Harm is suitable for people who are trying to manage urges to self-harm.

They base it on the principles of dialectical behaviour therapy–a talking of therapy that is often effective in people with mood disorders.

The App suggests tasks to encourage users to distract themselves from urges to self-harm and help manage their emotional mind in a more positive way

What are signs of a good mental health?

good mental health

Embarking upon your goals in your day to day living can be challenging.

But if you take care of the mind, it can help you take care of everything else.

Having a good mental health means you are

  1. Able to manage stress
  2. Have reduce anxiety
  3. You can cultivate a peace of mind
  4. Have increased awareness
  5. You have clarity – understand signs of a lack of clarity in this article HERE. 
  6. Compassion
  7. A sense of Calm and
  8. Improved focus

Can you perform CBT on yourself?

Research shows that you can be your own therapist and do Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) on your own effectively.

There are online–based treatments and self-help books that you can use to try out strategies on your own.

These strategies may include questioning fearful thoughts, slowly trying out different activities, and using your senses to ground yourself in the present.

You will need to seek professional help when you find that these strategies are not working.

How can you get free printable mental health worksheets?

You can download a free mental health toolbox from 



Before you go

Life is beautiful and shouldn’t be a scuffle however, each day we meet new challenges and obstacles.

These situations can sometimes daunt and overwhelm us.

Taking care of your mental health and living in the moment entails joy, and a fresh bliss of peace.

You can experience this joy and peace by consistently choosing to work on improving how you feel to improve your wellbeing.

Remember: You gasp and breathe out strength; you are in control of your life.

Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They are not there to make you dread. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.

C. JoyBell C

Have you downloaded my free mental health toolkit?

Have you tried using the strategies in the toolkit?

Let me know in the comments if you found it useful.

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