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Social work memes are funny designs that create humour and can help boost morale.  Meme generators can also help you create memes from images, videos, and GIFs. One of the most popular meme generator which is also an absolute favourite of mine is Kapwing.  

Who invented memes?

Perhaps you have wondered who invented memes?

Research shows that Richard Dawkins invented the term meme from the Ancient Greek word ‘mimema’, which means ‘that which is imitated’. He introduced this in 1976 while working on one of his mater pieces, The Selfish Gene – a book on evolution. 

Memes have since been used worldwide and has had raving response. There are several types of memes, from funny memes, cat memes, dank memes, dankest memes, happy birthday memes, sponge bob memes and social work memes. 

You can find good memes at GIPHY, Reddit, IMGflip or Tumblr. 

Before starting my social work degree in 2015, I did a self-assessment and established that I was keen on supporting individuals who found it somewhat challenging to manage their day to day living. Naturally, I respect the rights and autonomy of people.

After I enrolled on the social work course, I realised that social work is not meant for the fainthearted, and did I mention lifelong learning?

You need to have certain skills and values to make an impact in the lives of others. Skills such as attention to detail and effective communication are essential.

Values such as respect, integrity and competence are standards which all social workers should aspire to have.

I also realised that people have strengths, and there is the need to acknowledge opinions and values in practice.

Although people have the right to autonomy and freedom, social workers need to strive to preserve these rights due to the existence of structures which undermine those rights and injustice in society.

When the basic rights of individuals are threatened, social workers must speak out and in doing so, we sometimes face challenges when ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those concerned.

Here is how to promote anti-discriminatory practice.

These challenges can make the role of the social worker complex and can lead to stress, burnout, anxiety and a sense of loneliness.

Social work memes

That is why social work memes designed to create humour can be useful. You can generate your own meme using Kapwing and your creativity can be limitless. 

Social work quotes and memes help create a sense of community as individuals can find a common ground over a picture, quote or GIF. You can spread these to other social workers and boost morale.

Below are some of my favourite social work memes.

Funny social work memes

social work memes

Do you constantly think about self care?

You know it is very important yet, hardly find the time to make this a priority due to competing demands.

Perhaps you should make this a priority and don’t move on to anything else unless you have achieved the self-care tasks you have set for yourself.

Here are 11 Reasons Why Self Care is Vital.

social work self care

Jokes in social work

Do you keep telling yourself you work well under pressure only to realise that you made a huge mistake by not preparing a draft assessment report a few days ago? Well, things are a lot easier if you’re prepared!

Here is how to write Care Act needs assessment easily.

social work jokes

jokes in social work

A car is a necessity in social work due to the fact that we have to visit several homes during our working day.

When planning visits, we take along a lot of paperwork and reference documents. Over time, these items pile up in our cars, leaving no room.

Have you ever had a panic attack (literally) with the thought of giving someone a lift? Well, ideas….. ideas…. ideas… but whatever you do, do not set your car on fire!

social work memes

jokes in social work

You have spent the entire day at your desk, having had barely any lunch, and the clock strikes 17:00!

You pack up to leave the office, and this happens!

Does this ring any bell? I bet it does!

social work memes

Before you go

I hope you enjoyed these selected memes.

Do you have any favourite memes? Don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.

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