How to Get Excited for the Future

At Social Work Haven, our team firmly believes that investing hours, days, or even years worrying about the future isn’t enjoyable at all!

Cultivating the right mindset can fill you with enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Tiny Buddha draws our attention to the fact that if we worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, we will ignore what really matters now.

Our inability to see life as an infinite pie results in ‘scarcity mentality’.

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How To Get Excited For the Future

A scarcity mentality will keep many people from achieving their goals and dreams. Having an abundance mind-set means that you believe that there is plenty out there for everyone.

Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.

Lately, I have been working on looking forward to the future with excitement and an abundance mind-set.

In this article, I will share my best strategies on how to get excited for the future and feel positive about the future.

How do you feel positive about the future?

how to get excited about futureShift your focus on abundance and not scarcity

When you focus on scarcity, you will always find imperfection in things.

I have realised that when I focus on abundance and gratitude, my perspective improves. I am able to imagine positive vibrations entering my future.

The mind is everything, what you think you become. Once you positively gain control over your mindset, thoughts and thinking, you can definitely control your future and can get excited about it.

Get Clear

clarity about futureWhen you do not know what you want the future to look like, it becomes hard to get excited and look forward to the future with optimism.

During my morning routine, I have been spending some time thinking about how I would like my future to look and feel like.

  • Make sometime for yourself and ask yourself the following questions.
  • What does my perfect day look like?
  • What can I do to practice self- love each day?
  • What would my future partner look like?
  • If I could get an ideal job, what would it be?
  • If I could live anywhere I want, where will it be?
  • What would I like my dream life to be like?
  • Do I want any pets?
  • Do I want any hobby?
  • How would my group of friends look like?
  • What is my dream career?
  • What fitness plan would I like to include?
  • What would be my ideal financial situation?
  • What would be my ideal fitness plan?

Don’t spend over 5 – 10 minutes on this. Jot down the first things that come to mind. This will help bring you some clarity on your future.

These journaling exercises have really helped me figure out where I want to go, and now I feel inspired to take action to achieve some things I write about.

Believe in yourself

believe in yourselfIf you have been thinking about a career change and haven’t done it yet, you are probably thinking

  • “I probably won’t find a job,”
  • “I won’t be able to perform on the job,”
  • “no one will employ me”
  • “there are too many people out there looking for the same job”
  • “I won’t complete the course anyway,” and “others are better than me”

These are all thoughts based on scarcity mind-set which limits you.

Scarcity mind-set will limit your opportunities and hinder your progress. Assuming you pursued that training 3 years ago, you would have been qualified by now and you would have felt happier.

Over the years, I have realised that when you think of something productive; you go for it, if not, you live to regret it.

Do not lurch in self-pity

You will not feel upbeat every day and I get that. However, you can always turn the days that you feel low into a positive experience.

An abundance mentality only sees opportunities!

For example, if you’ve just been laid off, instead of lurching in self-pity, think about how great it is to finally have the time (and the redundancy package if you received one) to think about what you REALLY want to do with the rest of your life.

Dream big

excited about the futureAnxiety and a lack of self–esteem will cripple your thoughts and belief in yourself.

With a scarcity mentality, your brain will always trick you to play small, and this will make you feel irrelevant.

You may hear voices in your head saying

  • “I am not worthy”
  • “I am nobody”
  • “I am not good enough”
  • “I am not smart enough”
  • “I am never good enough”

Thinking these thoughts repeatedly will make your brain hesitant to believe that you can achieve greater things in life.

I must admit that I had the same feeling prior to starting this blog. I felt inadequate and thought who will be interested in reading what I have to say to anyone.

However, I believed in myself for a moment and since then I feel overwhelmed each day seeing how many people visit my website and the inspiring comments I receive.

Dreaming big has made me more excited about the future and has inspired me to go after bigger goals.

To shake myself out of the habit of dreaming small I have been regularly journaling about questions like these:

  • What would I do if I knew I could do anything I want to do?
  • What would I do if I won the lottery today?
  • If I had a magic wand, what would I wish for?
  • If I could make wishes come true, what would I wish for?

Visualise your future

visualize about futureI find inspiration from what others have achieved in life, magazines and real-life stories!

This makes me understand what is possible in life.

Faith from radical transformation recommends creating a digital dream board on Pinterest and regularly adding images to it. Faith keeps her dream board private, so she doesn’t have to worry about people judging what she is pinning.

I have adopted this same approach and realise that it allows me the freedom to pin anything I feel inspired by. I have pinned information on inspiration quotes, home designs and health and fitness.

I imagine myself in those images and living the dream daily.

This helps me shift my focus from scarcity to abundance and makes me look towards the future with optimism.

You can check out my Pinterest account for inspiration quotes and other relevant pins which will inspire your own digital board.

Below are some of my favourite quotes about the future quotes on futureQuotes on future

  • “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” — Roy T. Bennett
  • “Problem” means that you are dwelling on a situation mentally without there being a true intention or possibility of taking action now and that you are unconsciously making it part of your sense of self. You become so overwhelmed by your life situation that you lose your sense of life, of being. Or you are carrying in your mind the insane burden of a hundred things that you will or may have to do in the future instead of focusing your attention on the one thing you can do now.” — Eckhart Tolle
  • “No amount of regretting can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.” — Roy T. Bennett
  • Sometimes to change a situation you are in requires you to take a giant leap. But you won’t be able to fly unless you are willing to transform.” — Suzy Kassem
  • “Your future is being shaped through the actions you take today.” — Clyde Lee Dennis

Before You Go,

To get excited about the future, you first have to believe that there is a future. Nurture your own dreams and be inspired by people around you.

Finally, focus on abundance, not scarcity by shifting your mindset and ultimately practicing self-love.

How To Get Excited For the Future

  • Shift your focus on abundance and not scarcity
  • Get Clear
  • Believe in yourself
  • Dream big
  • Visualise your future



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How to Get Excited About the Future

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  1. Our habitual thinking shapes our lives. What we think today, and tomorrow, the next day we become. Like all people, I was not in control until a certain age. Until then, I was brainwashed to do what others have told me. But once you grasp the concept of the power of your thoughts and how it works in our day to day lives, everything changes. Some times, the negative circumstances try to take over the control, which is perfectly normal. That’s why I’ve found these tips extremely useful. Visualization of abundance, reinforcing your positive beliefs are just some of the powerful techniques we can use to get excited about the future even when the times are bad. Thanks for sharing this post and keep up the great work with your website!

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