13 Reasons Why You Need Positive People in Your Life

Do you ever feel life stresses can make you anything other than constantly being “stressed” out because of the people you surround yourself with? 

Perhaps you should surround yourself with positive people. 

Who is a Positive Person?

A positive person is optimistic, sees the good in life, joy in simple things, is content and understands that even though things may not be under their control, they are still able to provide empowering perspectives.

Have you ever met someone and just get a bad vibe? You try to overcome this by shifting your thoughts, but it doesn’t seem to work? You may then find out later that there was a very good reason for this.

The Law of Vibration clarifies that energy does not lie!

“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.”

When I am not feeling too good, I try to be around people who are. You know why?

This is because I can absorb some of their energy as they vibrate energy more powerful than mine.

Being around optimistic people changes my emotional state.

13 Reasons Why You Need Positive People In Your Life

13 Reasons Why

When you allow the expectations and views of others to affect your decisions in life, you lose control and this limits who you are.

Remember, the life in question is yours and not theirs.

Allowing the views and expectations of others to rule your life means that you are living in their world and not yours.

Refrain from pleasing people or following a prescribed path.

The following are 13 reasons why you need to keep positive people in your life, no matter what comes your way.

1. Positive People Encourage You Not to Quit

Do not quitWhen you find yourself in a challenging situation and all hope is lost, having positive people in your life will help you let go of negative forces.

Positive people are optimistic, see the good in life and will provide empowering perspectives on your problems.

2. Positive People Add Value to Your Life

Your worth is enhanced when you surround yourself with positive people. They will add value to your life and elevate your mood.

By committing to meaningful and lasting relationships with positive people, your life is enriched and you can determine what is important to you, desirable, and worthwhile.

3. Positive People Encourage Positive Thinking Patterns

Developing a positive thinking pattern influenced by positive people, will reflect on your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself and others.

Also, it can help reduce stress.

Having positive vibrations around you means you will reflect these vibrations back at the people you support within the community.

4. The Past Stays in the Past for a Positive Person

PositivityIn life we experience both good and bad memories. Both should stay where they belong, in the past where they happened.

Let bygones be bygones.

Make wonderful memories now and plan for splendid memories ahead.

That being said, we can use lessons learned in the past as a stepping stone towards a productive future.

5. Positive People are Grateful

The emotion and appreciation we have when we notice something good is called gratitude.

When you surround yourself with positive people, you will appreciate the little things in life such as the sun shining!

Being grateful will help you attract more positive people in your life and will reinforce positive vibes around you.

When you see life as a treasure chest full of wonder, you are a grateful person.

6. Positive People See Possibilities

Positive people may face obstacles in life, yet they see the future as a world of full of possibilities.

They realise that they first need to overcome the pitfalls of those challenges.

When we are able to see options in the light of challenges, life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile.

With positive people in your life, you can focus and identify any signs you are suffering from a lack of clarity.

7. Positive People Have a Great Sense of Humour

Sense of HumourLife is full of trials. As a result, it is important to keep a sense of humour when the world seems to have suddenly become a strange place.

Positive people have a genuine sense of humour and never stop laughing!

A day without laughter is a day lost!

8. Positive People Have Emotions

It is a common misconception that positive people should always be happy. Anyone who has any depth will appreciate that you cannot be happy all the time.

It is OK to be sad, cry, tearful and feel down.

A positive person will empathise with your situation but will hold the hope that there is a better tomorrow.

9. Positive People Empower

People with empowering perspectives will always elevate you.

They will help you develop the knowledge, confidence, or ability to do things or decide for yourself.

Most important in empowerment is the ability for positive people to empower you to practice self-love and be happy.

10. Positive People Are Not Afraid to Ask for Help

Ask for HelpPeople who are positive are not afraid to seek the help and support of others when needed.

Having positive people in your life will ensure that you do not suffer in silence. They will encourage you to reach out to the right people for support.

For instance, when challenged with an assessment you have completed, a positive person will encourage you to discuss this with your team leader.

11. Positive People Are Happy

People who are positive understand that happiness is a choice, and they choose it repeatedly.

They understand the importance of working through tough situations and having a balance in a happy life.

12. Positive People Do Not Procrastinate

Positive people take the bull by the horns!

They understand that procrastination and over thinking is the enemy of happiness and puts obstacles in the way of living the best life.

When you have positive people in your life, they will empower you to face problems and obstacles face on and not stick your head in the sand.

13. Personal – Development

Positive People enjoy learning. They engage in lifelong learning and never think of themselves as ‘know it all’.

They engage in self-development opportunities and actively improve their knowledge and skills.


To conclude, positive people have a positive mindset.

They vibrate positive energy and will help you experience more positive emotions.

They help you become better and not bitter. Remember, there is nothing positive about being negative.

13 Reasons You Need Positive People in Your Life: Final Thoughts

  1. Encourage You Not to Quit
  2. Add Value to Your Life
  3. Encourage Positive Thinking Patterns
  4. The Past Stays in the Past for a Positive Person
  5. Positive People are Grateful
  6. See Possibilities
  7. Have a Great Sense of Humour
  8. Positive People Have Emotions
  9. Positive People Empower
  10. Positive People Are Not Afraid to Ask for Help
  11. Positive People Are Happy
  12. Do Not Procrastinate
  13. Personal – Development

Its your turn 🙂 How do you ensure you have positive people in your life? What qualities do you look out for in a positive person?




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13 Reasons Why You Need Positive People In Your Life


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