Ultimate Self-Care Products for Social Workers: What it Is and Why You Need It

Self care for social workers means the practice of taking action in order to improve, preserve, or maintain one’s overall wellbeing.

As social workers, we are so good at caring for others.

However, self care for social workers is often ignored.

In addition, we are often lost as to what a self-care product is or why we need it. 

I feel it is because it’s so easy to make sure that the people we support are feeling good about themselves and feel safe.

Sometimes, we may even work on ensuring our friends are alright or our family members are in good health.

It comes naturally to us!


If I asked you, “When was the last time you did something for yourself?” or “Why are you always feeling low?” or “When did you last have a health check?”

I bet you wouldn’t have an answer.

Personally, I have a collection of items that help me get grounded when things get tough mentally.

You can find my Ultimate Self-Soothing Box Essentials here!  

Ultimate Self-Care Products You Need in Your Life

self-care products

For social workers, self-care is the act of deliberately putting your mental, emotional, and physical health first.

You might think that you already do that, but the truth is that you don’t actually know how to practice self-care.

It’s proven that being kind to oneself has shown lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Social workers who take care of themselves also have better relationships.

With a simple self-care routine, you can improve yourself significantly. 

In addition, when your body gets accustomed to the simple routine, you will begin to practice self care automatically.

If you doubt whether self care is vital, then you may find this ARTICLE on 11 Reasons Why Self Care is Vital worth reading. 


ultimate self care products for social workers


I’m sure you’ve heard of the following anecdote.

If you have had the chance to fly on a plane, you must have heard how the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.

Do you agree with this?

Well, how are you going to assist others if you can’t breathe?

So, the same is for self-care; how are you going to take care of others if you’re not feeling your best?

Thinking of self-care as something selfish is wrong.

By looking after yourself, you’re also looking after your loved ones. 

What is the Importance of Self-care?

Self-care involves your body and mind; your mental and physical health is in your own hands, and it’s up to you to attend to those needs or ignore them.

This is what happens when you start taking care of yourself as a social worker.

1. Improved productivity

Saying no to people will save you so much time.

Learning to balance your work-life with your social-life is something that will pay off.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out with your friends, but picture yourself in a situation where you have to deliver something before a particular hour, a friend calls you and asks to hang out, you say yes because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Will you deliver on time? If not, how will it affect your work performance?

Or you’ve worked all week, a friend calls you, you don’t really feel like going out, but you do it anyway.

Did you think about how that would affect your mental health?

By paying attention to self care, your productivity can improve, which can also help Build Your Confidence as a Social Worker. 

2. Increased self-knowledge

Practicing self-care will help you understand yourself better.

Figuring out what you like and what you don’t like will also improve your relationships.

Communicating with others what you need and your feelings will build better and more lasting relationships.

self care importance

3. There’s more to give

Once you figure yourself out, you realise your worth and potential.

Working on yourself will make you grow as a person, learn new things, and teach all these new lessons to your loved ones.

Do not fall into old patterns, though you have to learn first; then you can teach.

One thing is sure, though, self-care is the best gift to yourself and others.

Make sure you spend one day of the week at least taking care of yourself so you can recharge and take care of the people you care about.

Self-care can be sensory, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social.

In the next paragraph, we’ll discuss some products you can buy to have the most fabulous self-care day.

1. Eye Mask 

The importance of taking care of your skin with a nice eye mask that reduces dark circles is not to be underestimated.

Lay down, put some music on, and wear an eye mask.

Research also shows that some eye masks can help with insomnia and even headaches!

Try it out.

Then breathe and relax; you have nothing to worry about.

2. An Interesting Book

Just in case you’re feeling overwhelmed as a social worker, a nice and interesting book is all you need.

Getting lost in another world with a book is the best medicine.

For instance, the book title ‘Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love’ focuses on self-care and being in tune with your feelings. 

It helps create an awareness of why self care is important!

However, you can choose any book.

Alternatively, why not try what I call “a reverting book by an accomplished writer”. 

‘A Promised Land’ by Barack Obama is easy to read, relatable and an inspiration. 

Barack Obama writes with wit and humour. In his own words, he also admits his weaknesses and failures. 

A brilliant read and also insightful! 

3. A Bath Tray

Yes, you might think, “what is a bath tray?”. Well, it is an adjustable bath shelf that fits on the side of the bath.

There are several compartments that can hold essential self-care items. 

With a bath tray, you can have a long soak in the bath in the evening after work and watch your favourite programmes at the same time!

4. Candles

What is a self-care day without candles?

Yankee candles rarely disappoint, with a sweet, comforting aroma and 80+ hours of smooth burning, Yankee candles would make you feel relaxed.

It could even serve as a splendid gift for a loved one. 

After only a couple of hours of the candle burning, the warming aroma can sweeten up an entire house for a full day.

Go ahead and buy yourself some nice candles and light them to feel even cosier!

5. Melatonin Gummies

To have a self-care day, you first need to have a goodnight sleep and even better if the vitamins taste like candy!

These gummies are tasty and have a great texture.

One problem though, they are almost too good…. You want to keep eating them over and over!

6. A Planner

Planning your day is a great way to stay organised. 

You can use your self-care day to plan your week so you don’t have to stress over it later.

Also, you can use a planner to help you reflect and work on your goals. 

For instance, in this planner, you have a lovely section on self-awareness and discovery, vision, dreams and goals.

There is also a section to create a vision board.

Then a section on life goals, with 3 boxes for each life area to list your top goals for the year.

You also have a page where you can detail your strategy to help you achieve those goals and stick to your plans like a pro.

7. Pimple Patches

Pimples are quite common, and it is vital that you take care of them.

Pimple patches aren’t expensive, and remember that if your body feels great, your mind does too.

Most pimple patches are almost invisible and calm down the appearance of spots massively.

8. Set of Essential Oils

Essential oils can have many uses.

They are also natural remedies. You can even start creating your own recipes!

Some people use it for meditation.

When starting with self-care, meditation is essential.

You can start meditating using essential oils, or perhaps you may have heard of aromatherapy.

A form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are useful to induce relaxation.

9. Multi Use Head Band

You want to protect your hair when you’re applying your face mask and your eye mask, so a multi-use headband is essential.

They are lightweight and breathable.

Put the tube of cloth on your head and tuck the excess fabric into the nape of my neck so it’s a snug fitting cap.

Some come in different colours so you can flip to get a completely unique look. 

10. Staedtler Pens

Office supplies make everyone happy. 

They give you confidence to help increase your productivity.

They write and feel great. No bleeding, spotting or smearing. 

The colours are beautiful of excellent quality.

A set of Staedtler pens, even if you’re not even planning on using it, can improve your self-care day.

11. Oil Diffuser

If you have a set of essential oils; an oil diffuser is a must.

This product is compact and easy to use. 

It can help make you relax. It has beautiful colours and a wonderful smell! 

12. Adult or Children Colouring Book 

Don’t be deceived; colouring books aren’t just for children.

With these adult colouring books, you can engage in some self care or self love.

The designs and illustrations are realistic and lovely.

They have the right amount of detail and are appealing.

The pictures are simple to colour and it comes with lots of pages and of course variety!

If you find adult colouring books complicated, you can try using children’s colouring books.

13.0 Pore Strips 

There is nothing better than taking off a pore strip and seeing all the disgusting stuff that has been sitting unbothered on your face.

You feel relieved and fresh! 

These have classic cuts which makes them adaptable to any shape of the nose. 

With some moisture, you can then apply it to the forehead, nose and chin. 

After about 15 minutes, you will feel them stiffened.

This means they are ready to be removed.

Remember to remove them slowly. 

You will feel your skin is free to breathe after it has removed the excess sebum!

14.0 Nail Polish

If you’re into painting your nails, look up some tutorials and designs online, spend your day decorating your hands.

With these beautiful colours, you can take your self care to the next level!

15.0 A Fragrant Spray

 It’s always nice to smell good, even if it’s just for yourself.

We associate memories with smells, and if we’re feeling good while wearing a fragrance, we’ll feel good the next time someone else wears it, and we happen to smell it.  

16.0 A Relaxing Herb Tea

Chamomile tea, earl grey tea, any tea at all.

Tea is great any day, but especially on those days when you feel like taking a break from the world.

17.0 A Seaweed Bath Soak

 If you like the smell of the sea and it relaxes you, but you don’t live near it, or you can’t go because it’s way too cold outside, this is the solution.

With this self-care product, you can take a relaxing bath, and at the same time, it will remind you of the thing you love the most: the sea.

18.0 A Rustic Wax Melt

I’ll admit it, this is just for the aesthetic.

But it is scientifically proven that seeing something we like makes us feel good, so hear me on this.

It might not be necessary, and if you can’t afford it, don’t go and buy it; but it’s a functioning decorative piece, so it’s technically a great deal.

19.0 A Yoga Mat

It could be any mat, but if you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, doing some yoga could help you, and a yoga mat could motivate you to start doing yoga.

20.0 Self Care Kit

If you don’t want to spend too much money on an eye mask, face mask, pimple patches, etc. you can try this kit.

All the essentials you need in one piece!

Before you go,

Thanks for reading this article!

Self-care products and self-care routines are key to your overall wellbeing as a social worker. 

As we go into another year, make your self-care a priority.

With these tips on self-care products, you can improve your wellbeing significantly. 

That way, you can support others better! 

Always remember, you only have one body.

So, take care of it! 

Ultimate Self-Care Products You Need in Your Life as a Social Worker

  1. Eye mask
  2. A lovely book
  3. A bathtub tray
  4. Candles
  5. Melatonin gummies
  6. A planner
  7. Pimple patches
  8. Set of essential oils
  9. Multi-use headband
  10. Staedtler pens
  11. Oil diffuser
  12. Colouring book
  13. Pore strips
  14. Nail polish
  15. A fragrant spray
  16. A relaxing herbal tea
  17. A seaweed bath soak
  18. A rustic wax melt
  19. A yoga mat
  20. Self-care kit



self care products

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Self-Care Products for Social Workers: What it Is and Why You Need It”

  1. Hey,

    This is such an informative and detailed article. I think a lot of social workers would really benefit from going though your article and learning the best ways to care for themselves. People who are not social workers could benefit from the products and techniques in this article too. I do know a social worker and they are working extremely hard, so I am going to forward this article on to her.

    I will encourage her to look into your recommendations with detail and to comment on the article too. If she has any issues or questions then I have recommended that she get in touch with you. Is that OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  2. I completely agree with you. You should always first take care of yourself in order to help others, there’s no other way around. As one man said in one of his books, the only way you can help a poor, sick or unhappy person is by getting rich, healthy, and happy yourself first.

    Thanks for sharing the list of self-care products, but I noticed that all of them are for women. Could you create another list with at least a few recommendations for men, please? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Angy,

    Funnily enough, Self-Care is not a subject that figured very much in my life until a few years ago.

    In fact, I always assumed it was somewhat self-indulgent.

    That being said, I’ve worked on mysef and my mind a lot over the past 3 years, and one of main ways of doing this was through reading (which also happens to have mede your list).

    I typically focused on self-help and personal development books, but I kept coming across the topic of self-care again and again.

    So, I decided to investigate further.

    What I learned, well you could say it’s a revelation to me.

    I am now a staunch advocate of self-care, and not just for you wonderful social workers, but for all of us.

    I completely agree with you that some time out for yourself is not only a great way to learn about and understand yourself more, but it definitely makes you a happier and more productive person.

    I’m really glad that a few of the items that have made your list are related to sleep.

    Sleep is something that many of us of take for granted, but it stands to reason that if you’re regularly getting a great night’s sleep the next day seems to be far easier and happier.

    Plus, I have to say, I do love a long soak in the bath, and the idea of a bath tray intrigues me.

    However, I am a little worried that watching my favourite programs while laying the bath could extend the time I’m in there and end up with me coming out all wrinkly, LOL.

    Anyway Angy, a fantastic variety of ideas here, and there are definitely some things that I’ll be adding to my self-care list.


  4. I love your website and all it can offer social workers and even ME! The self care products that you have shared here are all great!! I’m going to purchase the bathtub tray for a gift. What a great idea!!! Thanks for this great article on the ultimate self care products!


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