11 Unique Social Worker Graduation Gifts They’ll Appreciate

If you are thinking of a social worker graduation gift idea, then look no further!

Social Worker Graduation Gift Ideas

Working as a social worker isn’t easy; most of the duties perform impact on people and their communities.

Social workers help people solve their problems and help protect vulnerable adults and children. They also advocate and help promote independence.

It takes years of practice and education to work as a social worker, and even then, you never stop learning.

There are also many pathways you can take as a social worker. Some social workers need a bachelor’s degree to work, others a master’s degree and at least some years of experience.

Other employers prefer employing people who have a bachelor’s degree in social work, which is understandable, and all students must have completed an internship.

Nowadays, a degree in psychology or sociology is not enough to get employed as a social worker in the United Kingdom.

On a graduation day, it is thoughtful to let the newly qualified social worker who may be a friend, niece, nephew, daughter, son, mother or father know how much you care.

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What are social work essential skills?

Social Worker graduation gift ideas may centre around some essential social work skills such as

1. Communication skills

Any person working in the social work field must have this skill; people talk and trust the social worker to understand and help them with their daily struggles.

To provide adequate help, the social worker must be able to listen and communicate effectively.

2. Organisational skills

Usually, a social worker has many individuals, which means that they need to be organised and assist each individual with the right paperwork and document.

3. Emotional skills

Social workers support people, and the role requires strong emotional skill.

If the individual is having a breakdown or any other strong emotional reaction, having compassion, patience, and empathy is fundamental.

4. Interpersonal skills

Social workers deal with different groups of people.

Developing strong interpersonal skills is as fundamental as getting a bachelor’s degree in social work.

5. Problem-solving skills 

Seeing a problem and immediately being able to find a solution is an essential skill for social workers.

Social workers must know how to put this skill into use in the most effective way.

There are similar career paths you can look into if you’re not sure about what you should do; you must be passionate about your job, especially if it involves working with people and helping them have a better life.

So what if a friend or family member is graduating? Should you think of social worker gift ideas? Perhaps you want them to know just how proud you are of their achievement.

And if so, what should you buy them?

You should look for the perfect gift for your friend or family member.

They studied for years, and their next step is to gain work and gain some experience.

Your friend will probably need something that’ll help them relax and wind down, but also something that’ll keep them awake.

The following unique social worker graduation gift ideas are sure to let the graduate know just how much you care.

1. A coffee mug

This is an excellent gift for a social worker.

It is common knowledge that social workers drink more coffee than a regular person.

You can get them a normal coffee mug or one that has a funny quote on it!

Some funny quotes such as “I’m a social worker, what’s your superpower?” or “Social worker because badass miracle worker isn’t an official title” or “This is wha an awesome social worker looks like”.

These mugs can be easily found online, or you can get a personalised one, make sure it’s a thoughtful gift.

2. Wine

Everyone loves wine, and if someone tells you otherwise,  they haven’t tried the right wine yet!.

Your social worker friend or family member will appreciate a nice bottle of wine

They’ll probably have a glass or two before bed to wind down.

3. Stress cards

This set of cards is handy for individuals who struggle with work stress or anxiety, a prevalent feeling among social workers.

Dealing with different people every day and trying to solve their problems can make them forget about their mental health and what they should do to take care of it.

These cards provide anyone with a powerful meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help reduce anxiety and stress.

4. A Coffee maker

You already got your friend a coffee mug as a social worker graduation gift; why not invest in a coffee maker as well?

The perfect combo!

You can also buy some coffee capsule refills; there are many unique flavours out there.

Coffee is what keeps your friend going, especially when they feel like laying in bed all day and skipping work.

You cannot go wrong with this idea!

5. Tumlber

Being hydrated is essential, but not everyone makes it a habit to get up and fill their glass with water or buy a cheap water bottle. 

However, staying hydrated is especially important for people who work in the social work field. This is because they are constantly on the go! 

Buy your friend or family member a nice tumbler and send them a text from time to time to remind them to drink some water.

They’ll appreciate it!

6. Some learning resources 

Learning resources help create a connection with the people social workers’ support, especially if they’re children or have some learning disability.

These resources make the social work role interactive and fun.

It will make the newly qualified social worker’s life less stressful and more enjoyable. 

Moreover, it is recommended that social workers take greater steps to actively involve individuals (children and adults) during assessments.

Through the use of such resources, opportunities can open up for conversations around the child’s likes, hobbies, worries, dislikes. 

Your friend or family member will eventually thank you for such a unique social worker graduation gift idea.

7. A funny book

A great book to give as a gift to your friend is Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle.

This book I guarantee will make your friend or family member laugh.

It doesn’t require any concentration, and it’s illustrated!

There’s nothing better than an illustrated funny book!

8. A cozy hoody

This hoodie allows you to pull your arms and legs into the hoodie itself!

It acts as a blanket, but you can wear it, and move your hands freely.

It’s a perfect gift for a friend/family who is a newly qualified social worker or perhaps going through a stressful time.

They can wear their hoodie when they come back from work and have a cozy evening.

Try pairing this hoodie with the wine.

9. Skin care gift sets

Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and all those issues related to stress.

The good thing about essential oils is that there are many different types, and each one has a different beneficial effect.

You can do your research and pick the essential oils that will benefit your newly qualified social worker friend or family member more.

A great pairing gift could be a diffuser.

This social worker graduate gift idea will remind the person how great they are and what a superb job they’re getting themselves into.

11. The miracle morning

Social workers commit to lifelong learning. Because of that, self-development is essential. 

I’ve been using the Miracle Morning Journal for a while now, and I love filling it in every morning.

It’s helping me keep on track of my weekly goals that will push me towards achieving success in my career and life.

I highly recommend any of these miracle morning products as a social worker graduation gift idea.

Before you go

While being a social worker might pay off and make you feel good about yourself, it can also be stressful.

Be the person your friend will reach out to if they’re too anxious to deal with something; make a personalised note for each gift you decide to buy.

They’ll appreciate the gift, but they’ll appreciate the note even more.

11 Unique Social Worker Graduation Gift Ideas They’ll Love

  1. A coffee mug
  2. Wine
  3. Stress cards
  4. A coffee maker
  5. Tumlber
  6. Some learning resources
  7. A funny book
  8. A cozy hoody
  9. Skin care gift sets
  10. Essential oils
  11. The miracle morning


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