10 Thoughtful Social Worker Gifts They Actually Need

A gift may be given to a social worker without the expectation of payment or anything in return.

However, for social workers, is accepting social work gifts ethically justifiable or desirable?

Well, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics (2008) serves as a guide to how social workers should conduct themselves professionally.

Yet, it does not mention whether social workers should or should not accept gifts.

As a result, a social worker may choose to consult the policies and legislation of the organisation they work for or management before deciding to accept a gift.

For the recent social work graduate, you may find these Social Worker Graduation Gift Ideas ideal, or perhaps you simply want to Thank a Social Worker using these Simple Tips. 

10 Thoughtful Social Worker Gifts They Actually Need

Here is socialworkhaven.com’s edition of essential and thoughtful social worker gifts.

1.0 Social worker mug

A perfect gift for a social worker who can’t live a day without tea or coffee! 

2.0 A funky T-shirt

Social workers can be super heroes too.

Put a smile on a social worker’s face with this funky T-shirt. 

3.0 Shopping or gym bag for social workers.

For a social worker who goes to the gym or enjoys shopping, a gym or shopping bag will be a thoughtful gift.

These high-quality gym or shopping bags are available in unisex, men and women. 

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4.0 Social worker survival kit 

I received a survival kit as a gift when I first qualified as a social worker and felt it was excellent. 

You can create your own with essential social work products such as a notepad, pen, folder, and mug. 

5.0 A social work book 

You are right.

The learning never ends in social work, even after years of qualifying.

That is why a book as a social worker gift will be a great asset as part of their personal development journey. 

Lifelong learning gives social workers the problem-solving skills and ability to think critically, which is needed when working with people in the community. 

When social workers are up to date with legislation, policies and processes, they can carry out their role with confidence and efficiency.

6.0  A keyring

Maybe you want to let a social worker know you are proud of the work they do and the difference they make. 

With these key rings as a social worker gift, you can write a beautiful and inspiring message.  

7.0 Travel mug cup with a handle

I guarantee that making a cup of tea or coffee for a social worker will make their day! 

These travel mug cups are perfect social worker gifts. They are ideal for tea, coffee or any other hot or cold drink. 

8.0 Notebook journal 

Social workers never stop writing! 

A notebook journal will be a useful addition to their toolkit. 

9.0 A social worker pin badge 

10.0 A lanyard