7 Best Part Time Social Work Jobs to Get Experience While You’re in School

Yes, you can have a part-time social work job to gain experience while you’re in school or the university studying towards a social work qualification.

7 Best Part-Time Social Work Jobs to Get Experience While You’re in School

Being able to have a part-time job while studying for my social work degree qualification was very helpful.

It was helpful because it allowed me to have more freedom to buy social work resources, which I needed to complete my studies successfully. 

Most of all, I enjoyed the job, and it prepared me for the social work job market! 

Mark Twain reminds us …..

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


We all have different reasons for wanting to have a job or part-time job while studying for a social work qualification.

It may be because you;


Whatever your own reasons are for looking for a job while studying, you don’t have to be qualified to gain some relevant experience.

You can gain transferable skills, which are high in demand in social work; for example;

  • Organisational policies – you’ll learn how to work within organisational policies in your part-time role and this will help you stand out from the crowd after graduation.
  • Teamwork–you may work as part of a team. This will equip you with the skills to work with other professionals once you qualify as a social worker.
  • Initiative– the employer will expect you to have some initiative towards your role. As a result, you will develop your skills of showing initiative when working part time as a student social worker. This skill will be an asset once you qualify.
  • You will also be able to show employers that you are ambitious and have excellent work ethics in job interviews.

Can I work from home as a social worker?

There are opportunities for social worker to work remotely.

However, if you are not yet qualified, you can still have a working from home job which will give you the relevant social work experience you need.

If you decide to pursue a working from home social work job, you will need some equipment and resources.

You will need basic home working resources and equipment such as;

  • a laptop or computer
  • internet connection
  • headphones
  • phone

To work from home, you also need to be

  • self-motivated
  • enthusiastic
  • have excellent time management, and
  • organised.

Now that you are ready to earn some extra income, either online through home working or by having a real part-time job, then grab a hot cup of chocolate and lets get started!

What kind of jobs can be done online?

1. Virtual Assistant

social work experience

What resources do I need to become a virtual assistant? 

Laptop or computer, access to the internet

What skills do I need to become a virtual assistant? 

strong administrative skills, computer skills, self motivation, organisation skills, discipline, excellent communication skills, excellent writing skills.

How much can I earn as a virtual assistant? 

Depending on hours worked, but you could earn anything between £7 – £20 an hour.

By becoming a virtual assistant, you can earn you can earn good money working from home.

Research carefully on the area you want to assist and the legalities of the services you want to offer.

Virtual assistants do different things 

A business may need a VA to manage their emails, be a customer service assistant or manage social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

You could even become a virtual book keeper or a virtual receptionist!

For example, if you want to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you need to understand

  • how Pinterest works
  • how to do keyword research. This will help with your understand around SEO in order to optimise the reach of the pin you want to have on Pinterest.
  • you also need to be organised in order to pin consistently.

In addition, you need attention to detail so you can use the metrics to see how the pins are performing.

social work jobs


How do I get started as a virtual assistant? 

If you are interested in a short course to help you become a VA, you can check one out here! 

What social work experience can you gain as a virtual assistant?

  • attention to detail
  • organisation skills
  • administrative skills
  • research skills
  • multi tasking

Once you have done your research, you can register on websites such as Fiverr or Upworks where you can advertise for clients.

2. Online Teacher

social work jobs

Being an online teacher is another great way to make money from home while studying to become qualified as a social worker.

You can create your own teaching course or become a tutor for a company.

i) Create your own course

Creating your own course requires a lot of work to start off with.

But once you have the course created, you can sell it repeatedly and make some passive income while studying for your social work qualification.

Can you think of any course you can create?

Think about it this way, we all have something we are good at.

So think about what you are skilled at.

What do people usually ask you for help with?

Could you teach English or perhaps any other language?




What resources do I need to become an online teacher? 

You will normally need to use a video-conferencing app like Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

What skills do I need to become an online teacher? 

Skills in creating courses, some computer skills, the use of Microsoft office suite, organisational skills, excellent communication skills.

If you want to start by creating courses, you can use Teachable to create videos, audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations or anything else you need for your virtual course.

Then, you just have to decide on a price and the platform to publish it.

Teachable offers free training on how to create online courses.

Check them out here!

The more detailed your course is, the more you can charge.

ii) Working as a Tutor for companies

Becoming an online teacher or tutor does not require a special qualification.

However, some companies will expect you to have some basic education or teaching experience.

Contact the companies directly and find out what training they offer and their requirements.

You can get started by checking out these companies:

What social work experience can you gain as an online teacher or course creator?

  • develop your communication skills
  • organisation skills
  • administrative skills
  • research skills
  • multi tasking
  • presentation skills
  • empathetic skills
  • creativity

How much can I earn as an online teacher?

You can earn anywhere between £6 – £15 an hour as an online teacher.

5 Part-time social work jobs for students

part time social work jobs for students

Apart from working from home or online, you can gain valuable social work experience with the following 5 top social work jobs that students can do part time while they’re still in school.

Develop your skills & experience to get ahead!

If you’re hoping to pursue a career as a social worker when you leave school, you will first need to gain valuable social work experience.

While you’re still a student, there are plenty of opportunities and part-time social work jobs available that you can do to give your CV the edge when applying for future social work jobs or a university course.

Social work experience will help you develop key skills, such as problem-solving, empathy, advocacy and health and safety awareness.

It will also give you a taste of what it’s really like to work in this particular sector and help you to build your confidence too.

So, whether you plan to work with vulnerable children, local families, disabled adults or elderly people, let’s take a look at 5 of the best part-time social work jobs that you could apply for right now!

1: Part-Time Student Care Home Assistant

Working for a local care home on a part-time basis is a great way to gain social work experience while earning money too.

As a care home assistant, you’ll be helping elderly residences during the day and supporting the team who provide 24/7 quality care.

This role will give you great job satisfaction as well as open your eyes to the reality of being a social worker and what your future career may involve.

Your duties could include socialising and talking to the elderly residences, thinking of new ideas to offer on-site entertainment, or preparing simple meals and hot drinks.

2: Part-Time Special Needs Teaching Assistant

part time social work jobs for students

If you plan to work with children or teenagers in the future, a part-time special needs teaching assistant position is a great job to help you develop experience and skills.

SEN pupils will often be challenging and this is going to build your confidence and put you to the test both physically and emotionally.

You’ll need to show support, resilience and a calm and caring nature as a SEN teaching assistant, while maintaining emotional control.

With your help and guidance, a SEN student will be focused during lessons and take part in educational activities.

You might need to support students with mental health conditions like Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties.

3: Volunteer At A Local Charity

Volunteering will help you considerably in the future when applying for social work jobs.

When recruiters see that you have given your time to help and care for others, this is a massive green tick on your CV.

Plus, volunteering is one of the most effective ways to get hands-on meaningful experience in this particular field.

Charities such as CASA for Children will help you learn about the reality of working with families, children and the legal system.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters is another charity that will help you spend time with children between the ages of 6 and 18 and gain valuable social work experience.

4: Sign Up To The YMCA

part time social work jobs for students

The YMCA has branches and offices dotted across the country and offers both part-time social work jobs and opportunities to volunteer.

By working as a student in the YMCA you can help with community activities, sports and fitness classes, youth clubs, fundraising and publicity, as well as mentoring and student camps over the school holidays.

Immerse yourself in local social work and enjoy a rewarding part-time role with the YMCA.

5: University Student Support Worker

The final part time job opportunity for students interested in becoming a social worker is a university student support worker.

This position will give you practical experience supporting both adults and young people as they study and enjoy student life.

Often student support workers are only needed for a couple of days during the week and carry out tasks such as responding to student emails and concerns, supporting university students who need additional support when learning, and checking in with students if they’ve expressed mental health concerns while at university.

The pressure of student life and looming deadlines can cause anxiety, stress and depression, and you will become aware of how important this role is to those in need and often away from home and family support.

6: Work on Campus

When looking for part-time work, why not have a look on campus.

During the summer, professors may look for research assistants, or you could find some work in the library or canteen.

If you are an international student seeking a part time job, you can find useful information here!


You should be able to judge whether you need a part-time job while studying. As long as it does not take too much of your study time, then it is an option you can consider.

Remember, the experience will help you stand out from the crowd in social work job interviews, and you can begin networking with others in the social work field.

Forming professional relationships at this early stage will help your chances of gaining employment after your social work qualification.

Part-Time Social Work Jobs For Students

1: Work online

2: Part-Time Student Care Home Assistant

3: Part-Time Special Needs Teaching Assistant

4: Volunteer At A Local Charity

5: Sign Up To The YMCA

6: University Student Support Worker

7: Work on Campus



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