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Are you a social worker daydreaming at work?

Hypnotising the hands of the clock to move faster?

Having problems with concentration at work?

Yearning for the moment your workday is over so you have your freedom again? Or perhaps,

you want to make time fly at work.


My guess is that if you are here, then you may have some answers to these questions.

Well, these thoughts and emotions must have run through the mind of almost everyone who works in an office, and it is normal.

Join me today in finding answers to these questions!

  • How can I speed up my work time?
  • How can I make my working day go faster?
  • How can I get through a boring day or shift at work?

Unfortunately, not everyone can simply afford to quit their day job and completely escape the boredom sometimes experienced at work.

Some of us are tied down to our jobs because of the financial stability it gives us, or perhaps we simply love the job we do however, occasionally we experience days where we are simply not emerged in our work making it seem as if the clock has ceased to move.

As a result, I have come up with a few hacks to make the workday a little more exciting or make it simply go quicker.

Alright, let’s dive in now, shall we?

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14 tips to make time go faster at work

Tip 1: Socialise at work

It is impossible to focus on one issue for a long time.

We all need a break! I am a huge advocate for taking breaks.

Personally, it helps ensure that my sanity is still intact.

Taking a break and having a brief conversation with a colleague can help make your work day go faster.

Also, it can help you gain a renewed energy which will make you more effective, productive and increase your ability to concentrate.

You may want to walk across the office to strike up a conversation really quickly with a colleague.

Talk about projects or cases they are working on.

I always find it interesting understanding what other workers are working on as most of the time, I learn a thing or two which I apply to my own cases.

Remember to use this tip with precaution!

A 5 – minute conversation can quickly turn into a long break….and not only will it keep you away from getting things done, but it may make you struggle to focus on your work afterwards.

The key point here is that you need to take your thoughts off work once in a while.

It will help you feel energised and stay more focused.

Tip 2: Keep healthy snacks at hand

What else can boost your energy better than an occasional snack you have been craving for? Or perhaps you have accomplished a tough task and deserve a ‘sweet’ reward? Then it’s time to indulge yourself in your favorite snack!

That’s why we need to always keep something ‘sweet’ at hand to get an energy boost whenever we need it.

Just be careful not to go too hard on chocolate bars, cookies, and other unhealthy stuff.

Try to replace them with healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, or muesli bars.

Tip 3: Set realistic deadlines

You may have set yourself a deadline to complete certain tasks and yet struggle to meet this deadline.

Well, it may be possible that your deadlines are unrealistic.

Giving yourself enough time will help you complete the task without any stress, and eventually you will achieve better results.

One helpful tip is to make a list, be specific with the things you write down and attach an order to the list.

Tip 4: Review your current skill set

It’s certainly not about DIY!

If quitting your job isn’t possible for you right now, maybe it’s time to work on your relationship with your current job? Think of why you chose this job, what you like about it, what you like about the company you are working at.

I am a super fan of personal development, so I will suggest that you review your skill set.

Reviewing your current skills can help you identify and develop a soft or hard skill that can improve your performance at work.

Many companies have online training materials that you can easily access in your down time at work.

You could also speak with the Learning and Development team and explore available opportunities.

If you have extra time at work, why not use it to gain some knowledge, pick up a new skill, or learn something new related to your job? Not only will it make you stand out among your colleagues, you may even get a promotion!

Start on an idea that will excite you, engage you, and help you fall in love with your current job all over again!

Tip 5: Form relationships with positive people

It is a proven fact that if you surround yourself with positive, energetic, motivated, and like-minded people, you are going to achieve much better results at work.

Moreover, working on a piece of work/project with people who you feel comfortable with, helps you stay motivated and actually enjoy your work.

Tip 6: Feel the energy of music

Did you hear that sound? Yes, it is the sound of music!

Although I do not recommend playing musical instruments at work, some workplaces may yet provide the space for workers to practice their creative musical skills.

Each time I get tired or feel like I can’t focus anymore, I turn on one of my favourite playlists (Hint: Bon Jovi)…….and magically; it gets me motivated real quick and gives me enough energy to finish the task ahead.

Simply add some songs you enjoy listening to on a playlist and have it at hand when needed.

Just don’t overdo it–listening to music all day long (even if it’s your favorite), can lead to a headaches and migraines.

Tip 7: Listen to podcasts

While at work, I enjoy listening to podcasts on self care, personal development, and finances.

These topics are in contrast to my day-to-day role as a social worker, so it gives me a break.

In addition, it helps increase my focus, allows me to concentrate more and I can complete tasks easily and on time.

You can listen in and out of your favourite podcasts to help make your work day go faster.

Tip 8: Set a reminder to move

Personally, I have a fit bit and about every hour; it reminds me to get up and take a few steps.

This activity takes me away from my desk for about a minute or two and I move around, stretch and get my blood flowing.

It also helps put my mind back in the right space.

Tip 9: Do not sit at your desk during lunch

Some companies have break out areas or lunch rooms.

I typically take my full hour afternoon break, have my lunch, and go walk outside for some fresh air.

Sometimes, I just walk up and down the stairs when the weather is not great.

You may be able to walk round inside the building if it is big enough or utilise the gym if it is inside the office building or nearby!

Tip 10: Time block

I time block on paper or in my calendar when I have tasks that need to be completed within a specific time period.

I find that I am able to prioritise well using this approach and then move on to other tasks super fast and more efficiently.

This approach will also help make the day go faster because once you concentrate and work really hard for a short period, you are not clock watching.

Tip 11: Prioritise the right way

Do not forget that knowing how to organise your life involves mastering the art of putting first things first!

Start attending to your needs from the most important to the least important.

It is very possible to get distracted by the urgency of a particular issue and ignore equally important ones. The making of a productive day for me starts in the morning!

As I stated in the very first tip, make a list, be specific and attach an order to the list.

Know what you want to achieve first and go for it.

In Stephen Covey’s book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, he highlights that as human beings, it is easy to get distracted” however, this is where discipline comes into the picture.

As a result, whatever you are supposed to do at a particular time, ensure you do it!

Tip 12: Go the extra mile

As in the image above? Welll….. quite literally 🙂

If the work you do is too easy (is there any such thing as easy work?) and you quickly finish whatever task is handed to you, it doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself and stop right there.

Discover other things you can do efficiently, take on additional tasks, or maybe learn a new skill that will help you take on additional responsibilities.

Tip 13: Talk to your boss

If your boss is open to feedback from employees, then it might be a good idea to talk to them and discuss any issues you may be experiencing at work.

These may be around issues which can make you work better or perhaps hindering your performance.

Your boss may come with an excellent solution for areas impacting negatively on your performance.

For instance, they may be able to offer you the opportunity to take part in some project, or perhaps co-work on some more challenging cases.

Tip 14: Find a better job

If none of the above tips help, then there is probably just one option left–quit your job!

Find another job that will be more exciting, challenging, and you may find more rewarding while showing off your rich knowledge and skills.


These are useful tips to make your time at work fruitful and move quicker, even when you have little work to do.

The key to success is to stay active and motivated and try to get more out of your workday.

How to make time move faster at work: final thoughts

So, there you have it.

As you can see, there are many ways to make time move faster at work.

I am sure that every single one of you has experienced a period at work where time feels static!.

Do you think there are other tips that should be on the list? What are your thoughts on the ones on the list? Feel free to reach out to me through the comment section and let me know what you think.

The 14 ways you can make time move faster at work

  • Socialise at work
  • Keep healthy snacks at hand
  • Set realistic deadlines
  • Review your skill set
  • Form relationships with positive people
  • Feel the energy of music
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Set up a reminder to move
  • Do not sit at your desk during lunch
  • Time block
  • Prioritise the right way
  • Go the extra mile
  • Talk to your boss
  • Find a better job


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  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! As a member of the legal field, my coworkers and I love to talk on our breaks and go to lunch-we crack so many jokes and laugh endlessly for an hour (we love it! Haha). It’s so important to build personal relationships with your boss and coworkers-they’re not simply suits and skirts; they’re real people with real lives and interests, and you’d be surprised how much you all have in common (and how much fun you all can have!). This certainly makes our days better, and helps time to FLY by (time flies when you’re having fun! Haha). Great read! God bless you!

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