9 Best Social Work Blogs

There are many great social work blogs. Over the years, I have followed a few and gained some very useful insights into the role of a social worker. 

The creators of these blogs have shared their experiences and passion on social work which has made a difference to how I practice.

The knowledge gained helped me refine my critical thinking skills.

I have also been able to support the people I work with better with the resources and strategies recommended. 

What are the Top Social Work Blogs?

So in this article, I will explain why these social work blogs are my favourite.

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it straight away! 

1. Community Care

This site will be at the core of your social work career.

On this site, you will find up-to-date information on social work, law and policy. The site covers topics around adults, children, and mental health.

You will also find information on useful events. You can sign up to the daily newsletter.

Their fortnightly newsletter will also give you all the latest social care postings, from social work positions, care, and managerial roles.

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2. Social Work Helper 

This site provides news, resources and useful information on social work, social justice and good practice.

I have found many useful resources and information on helping professionals or a loved one is in a crisis on this blog site. 

3. Creative Social Worker 

On this site, you will find creative resources that can be used to gain the views and wishes people within the community.

Its primary focus is on activities that encourage feeling identification among children.

I have used some resources on this site in my day-to-day practice and found them invaluable.

My favourite is the Group Bingo Ice Breaker!

top social work blogs

4. Social Workers Speak 

This site provides information on how social workers can influence the entertainment industry, and how the news media depicts the social work profession and issues social workers care about.

I love the fact that the writers work with various media to enhance the accuracy of the portrayal of social workers.

There is a research round up and interviews with experts in the social work field.

5. Reddit – Social Work 

This is a community of social workers and those who have an interest in social work.

You can ask for advice and share your views in an environment where you feel safe.

The significant thing about Reddit is the fact that you can receive support and any other information you want related to social work.

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6. Lyn Romeo 

This blog will give you insights and updates into social work from the Chief Social Worker for Adults – Lyn Romeo.

She also reflects on her experiences and her articles encourage social workers to look ahead to future challenges and possibilities.

7. R.E.A.L Social Workers 

R.E.A.L Social Workers is an Online Magazine that provides content on the uniqueness of individuals, as it is about the commonalities that brought each of us to the profession of social work.

It is a place where social workers Relax, Empower, Advocate and Learn. It is also a place where we share R.E.A.L. stories and R.E.A.L. solutions to the struggles social workers face on a day-to-day basis.

The site covers information on career development, becoming an entrepreneur as a social worker, work life balance and supervision.

Content on this site will empower you to step out of your comfort zone. They encourage you to try something new if what you are doing isn’t working.

Their podcast also talk about side hustle in social work and how to overcome your side hustle business limitations.

You can also listen to interviews with social workers who have many years of experience in creating successful side hustles.

Here, you can gain many useful ideas on how to set up a meaningful business while working full time as a social worker. You may even create a full-time income should you wish. 

With the rich content on this site, you will find resources that offer individuals mindful solutions to reclaim the past, nurture the present and plan for the future.

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8. Social Work Haven 

Social Work Haven (SWH), is a motivational and educational blog on personal development and mental health.  

It is focused on providing content about social work, personal development, mental health, self-love, self-care, mindfulness and wellness practices to aspiring social workers, students, newly qualified and existing social workers.

It is aimed at increasing awareness and having conversations about social work, personal development and mental health.

From a social workers point of view, this blog provides outstanding content around mental health to help others on their own mental health journeys.

9. Social Work Career 

On this site, you will find some of the latest news in social work, therapy, private practice and more!

Social Work Career provides a variety of resources to help further your career whether you are a current student or an experienced mental health professional.

Topics covered include: roundups of best-in-mental health posts, monthly roundups of free webinars, interviews with mental health professionals, key teachings from conferences/workshops, book reviews, career management guidance and more.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Feed spot for including socialworkhaven.com in their top 10 blogs on personal development and top 20 blogs on social work.

My Top 9 Social Work Blogs 

  1. Community Care
  2. Social Work Helper
  3. Social Workers Speak 
  4. Creative Social Worker 
  5. Reddit – Social Work 
  6. Lyn Romeo
  7. R.E.A.L Social Workers
  8. Social Work Haven 
  9. Social Work Career


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