30 Things to do on a Sunday for a Productive Week

Sunday, the day every social worker has a love/hate relationship with, because if a Monday feels like three days in a row,  Sundays feel like an hour. 

You’re not doing much, especially if you have worked all week, and you want to take a break from everything and everyone.

30 Things to do on a Sunday for a Productive Week

Things to do on a sunday

There are some activities you could do–solo or with friends–that could make your Sunday a little more productive than you have planned, but it is normal if you rest and do nothing all day.

Unfortunately, today’s society taught us that doing nothing all day equals to being a useless member of society, and you must get something done; otherwise, you’re wasting an entire day. Does it sound familiar? Does it ring a bell?

There are some things you can do to trick your brain into thinking that you’re productive, even if you’re sitting on your couch watching television or eating biscuits. You give productivity the meaning you want the word to have, and if on a Sunday, it means sitting on your sofa, then you are undoubtedly right.


How can you make your Sunday more productive? 

Here a few prompts.

Things to do on a Sunday for a productive week

1. Go for a walk – The first thing you can do when you wake up on a Sunday morning is going for a walk. Before having breakfast, brush your teeth, put your shoes on, and go out. Your walk can be a 30-minute walk, and maybe, on your way back, you can stop by the nearest Starbuck and treat yourself with some nice breakfast.

2. Have a big breakfast – This could range from having a very unhealthy breakfast to having something you rarely eat because of the lack of time. Don’t feel guilty if you eat unhealthy on a Sunday; it’s your day off, and you can eat whatever you want.

3. Read a book – Pick up the last book you decided you didn’t have enough time to finish reading and start over or continue from the previous page you read. You can make a habit out of reading every Sunday; it doesn’t matter how many books you read. All it matters if you do what you love on your free day.

4. Watch a movie – A new one or your favorite one; maybe the one you couldn’t watch all the way because you fell asleep.

5. Go out with friends – If you’re the type of person who gets their energy from socializing, then go out with some friends. When you’re an adult, seeing your friends becomes something you can’t always do because if one of your friends has a day off, the other doesn’t, and you never meet up. Almost everyone has their Sunday off; reach out to your old friends a do something fun together.

6. Take a nap – If in your vocabulary productivity means taking a nap, go for it.

7. Play online games – Maybe you feel like socializing but not face to face, try playing some multiplayer online games. You’ll make some friends without leaving your house. Isn’t it great?

8. Cook your favorite meal – You have more time to do whatever you want, why not trying cooking your favorite meal? If you fail, you can try again until you get better.

9. Sleep in – If you usually wake up at six every day, wake up at eight on Sundays. Your body needs that extra sleep that only days off can offer you. You will automatically wake up at six, but try falling asleep again and if you can’t do it, stay in bed. There is nothing better than staying in bed, especially if the weather outside is cold.

10. Paint, even if you’re bad at it – Experiment with paint, draw something, and pick up some acrylic paint. You don’t have to post anything on social media; you’re painting for yourself. Express your creativity and clear your mind.

11. Listen to podcasts – There are so many podcasts about any subject. Pick one and listen to it; the good thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while doing your chores.

12. Exercise – It doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym; you can also open YouTube and look for some 5-minutes exercises. There are so many, you will find one that you like, even if exercising is not your thing.

13. Play an instrument – I know you’ve bought a guitar, a ukulele, or a keyboard in the past, and you played them once or twice. Pick up your old instrument and play your favorite song, an easy song, a tough piece. You’re not the best at it, so what?

14. Catch up your favorite TV show. There always is that one TV show you didn’t have time to finish watching because you were too busy. The time has come, log in your Netflix account, and binge-watch it.

sunday productivity tips

15. Do nothing all day – Who said that you have to do something? Stare at a wall if you want; you’re still doing something.

16. Write in your journal – Write down all your feelings, worries, expectations for the week that’s about to come in your journal. It’s like talking to a therapist, but less expensive.

17. Bake a cake – Get out that recipe book some friend gifted you on Christmas and bake something. A cake, some biscuits, anything. You’re the one who has to taste it, and I’m sure whatever you bake will come out nicely.

18. Plan your week – Clear up your mind and write down your plans for the week, organize it, and make sure you stick to it. It is essential to have an idea of what you’re about to do; you’ll feel less guilty about not being productive.

19. Go for a run – If that’s your thing, go for a run.

20. Meditate – Try meditating to get rid of all the week’s anxiety and worries, don’t bottle up all your feelings. Start the week ahead of you with positive mental space.

21. Try new hobbies – Try learning something unique just for your enjoyment. You don’t need to make money out of it; you don’t need to post it on your social media; you’re just learning a new skill.

Sunday productivity tips

22. Sort out your wardrobe – Do you need that t-shirt you never wear but that you’ll eventually wear? Sort out your clothes and donate some to charity. You’ll not only make room on your wardrobe, but you’ll make someone else happy.

23. Clean the house – You’re never home, but your flat is always messy. The dishes aren’t clean; the bed isn’t made, and that floor doesn’t look great. Make some time to clean your flat.

24. Do your laundry – Go around your house to pick up all the dirty clothes, put them in the washing machine and let it do its job. Sounds easy, right?

25. Fold your laundry – There is nothing more boring than folding your laundry; you always end up with a chair full of unfolded clean clothes. Try folding at least half of the clothes; the rest can wait.

26. Change your bed sheets – You should change your bed sheets at least twice a month. There is nothing better than going to bed when your sheets are clean.

27. Take a bath – It’s a Sunday, what do you need to do? Take a calming bath before going to bed.

28. Do a jigsaw puzzle – They’re fun, and they improve your memory. You also end up with a delightful picture you can hang up in your house.

29. Go grocery shopping – Buy the groceries you’ll need throughout the week. Plan your meals so that you need not think about what you’ll be having for lunch or dinner when you get home from work. You’ll thank your past self.

30. Do whatever you want – There are no rules; after a long week of work, you get to decide how your day will go.

Before you go

Remember that you have five days ahead of you in which you don’t have any choice but wake up early, go to work and repeat until Sunday comes around. Go to bed early, have some tea, read a book, and never feel guilty for taking a day off.

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