How to Promote Anti – discriminatory Practice

Anti - discriminatory practice

Anti-discriminatory practice is at the core of social work. Have you ever witnessed a person being treated unfairly or wondered why they are being treated unfairly? At times, people are treated unfairly because they have certain characteristics. A person may be treated unfairly because of their age, sex, race, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, marriage and … Read more

Miracle Morning Routine | How to Transform Your Day as a Social Worker

miracle morning routine

If you are here, it’s because you need to find a way to transform your day as a social worker! Well, you are in the right place! TRENDING CONTENT ON SOCIAL WORK HAVEN For over 3 years now, I have been working on ways to transform my day as a social worker, and I learned … Read more

Guided vs Unguided Meditation | How Can it Help the Mind, Body & Soul?


Social work practice can come with many challenges. These challenges can make you feel stressed or low. That is why engaging in mindfulness practices such as meditation can help calm you as a social worker. Listening to a calming voice, coaching you through a meditation practice is ideal for those finding it difficult to be … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Career Progression in Social Work


Progressing in your social work career can give you a sense of pride, offer a way for you to showcase your skills, and sometimes give you a pay rise!

If you are reading this today, then I am guessing career progression is important to you in your social work profession.

Now work out why this matters to you and exactly what you want. 

So, what is career progression?


Career progression in general terms involves moving up the professional ladder either vertically or horizontally. 

It involves steps such as getting promoted, coaching people, training opportunities, encountering new challenges, working with new employers, supervising staff, and finding new opportunities.

Understanding how you can succeed in your career as a social worker can lead to job satisfaction.

In this article, I will provide an all – encompassing rundown of how to succeed in your career as a social worker, including an explanation on:

  • What the career path is for you as a social worker
  • Deciding which group of people you enjoy working with
  • Developing your professional network
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Creating your professional vision
  • Breaking your vision into goals
  • Developing a professional mission statement
  • Taking action

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The Ultimate Guide to Career Progression in Social Work

What is the career path for a social worker?

There are various fields in social work practice you can practice or major in once you qualify.

However, I believe deciding which area you want to focus on also depends of your interests, skills and long-term career goals.  

If you do not know where you want to begin, the best thing to do is to list all areas you may be interested in and find shadowing opportunities in the various fields.

For instance, career paths in the UK for social workers include; children and families, adult services and youth justice.

Each sector or field has several teams, and their roles differ.

You can shadow the Looked After Team, Referral and Assessment Team, Mental Health Team, or Child in Need Team.

Teams do have different names depending on the organisation, so find out what exactly they do before you shadow.

Social work job shadowing will give you the opportunity to observe a qualified social worker perform their duty in their environment. 

This experience will help you explore specific fields in the social work profession and get a realistic picture of what the role entails.

With this information, you can make an informed decision about your choice of specialism. 

In addition, you can learn about what skills you may need to work on in order to help you stand out when it comes to making an application for the role you want.

Networking will also provide you with a unique way of finding out what a role entails.

After shadowing a professional, you can send them an email to find out more information about a particular role.

Which field of social work pays the most?

Social workers can make six figures or more, depending on their role and responsibilities.

In general, private sectors pay more than public sectors. I detail salary expectations for social workers in the UK here.

How Can You Succeed in Social Work?

In order to succeed in social work, I had a clear vision, developed my professional mission statement and took action.

Every successful venture begins with a vision.

I feel this very step helped me identify opportunities available to take the necessary steps.

Successful career progression depends on several factors.

Some factors are within our control and others are not. Factors which are within our control may help us climb the career ladder quickly and easily.

The steps below will explain some of those factors in more detail.

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Ultimate Guide on How to Use Social Work Ecomaps

social work ecomaps

You asked; What is an eco-map in social work? An ecological map or ecomap is a diagram showing the social and personal relationships of an individual. It gives a visual representation of the key relationships a child or an individual has based on a strength based and person-centred perspective. Ann Hartman developed these ecological maps … Read more

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How to Write Capacity Assessments | Best Tips or a Pain in the Neck


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How to Build Mindfulness Muscles in Social Work | Best Tips or Hype?


If you are wondering, “What do I need to do to build my mindfulness muscles?” then you are in the right place!

It is so important that in our frantic world; as social workers, we continue to seek peace and practice mindfulness.

By not practicing mindfulness, we expose ourselves to a foggy path. 


A foggy path will prevent us from setting our goals and reaching certain milestones.

As a result, it is essential that we create habits that will help us focus and have clarity in life. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an individual’s ability to be fully present and not be overwhelmed.

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It is inevitable to experience stressful and challenging situations in social work practice and in our daily lives, however, how we deal with these stressful moments is what is most important. 

From the constant change in systems at work (where you have to learn how these systems operate within a few days) to relationships and finances, there is a never -ending list of stressors that serve as road blocks for most of us on a daily basis. 

That is why building mindfulness muscles is incredibly helpful in social work practice. 

How to Build Mindfulness Muscles in Social Work

In both my personal and professional life as a social worker, I have experienced periods of anxiety, self-doubt and stress.

I have also felt overwhelmed and overworked.

I failed to acknowledge this for many years and attempted to carry on with my life.

However, when my body reacted (strong headaches, insomnia, aches and pains) soon, I realised that these were stress responses and I needed to create strategies to create a work-life balance as there was absolutely none!

Immediately, I changed my way of thinking and accepted I cannot ignore the fact that I had created a chaotic life around me! And it was indeed frantic!

I thought of ways of paying attention to ‘ME’ just for a moment daily.

Guess what, I incorporated meditation into my life and although this did not calm down the world around me in reality; it gave me a feeling of tranquility.

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