Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmation is a word that describes a positive statement in relation to a negative thought.

It is usually directed towards yourself, intending to promote self-love.

Easier said than done, for sure.

This type of positive self-talk can help your subconscious mind alter the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It takes practice, and you might want to give up at first, but if you work your way through it, you’ll benefit from your newly learned skill.

The skill I’m talking about is the ability to modify a negative thought into a positive one, and what I mean by that is, “I don’t look good today” can turn into “I look very nice today.” It’s difficult to say those words out loud when you feel confident, and it’s even more challenging to convince your own eyes that you look good. If you put yourself down, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive affirmations can strengthen your self-esteem, which means that if you once thought bad of yourself, you’ll learn that you’re not bad after all. Your ability to achieve goals will also improve; having the confidence and the self-esteem you never had will be an essential requirement to achieve your goals.

Anxiety can be an obstacle, but don’t let it stop you from becoming who you always wanted to be. Focus on the positives, you will have bad days, but good days will come too. When you’re having a bad day, saying something positive won’t come naturally, but force yourself even to say just a few positive affirmations, your mental health will benefit from it.

Do positive affirmations work for anxiety?

affirmations for anxiety

Positive affirmations work, but to an extent, you need to work on your techniques to reduce your anxiety before you start feeling those positive effects begin affecting your body and mind.

Being a positive person will improve your mood and increase your motivation, but you must stay grounded to reality; going back to old patterns in which you were unhappy and unsuccessful is something that can happen, but if you stay grounded and understand that all thoughts and feelings are temporary, which means that even your negative emotions are, you’ll have an easier time coming back to a healthy and happy mindset.

It is essential your phrase your positive affirmations correctly; you can’t say, “I’m going to become rich one day,” thinking that it will magically happen because it’s surreal, and you know it will never happen. If you know that something will never happen, you won’t fully believe in that affirmation. Try replacing that with “I’m going to work hard until I reach financial stability” by phrasing that affirmation the way it is, you’re putting the outcome in your own hands, and it’s up to you to make it a reality.

How do you instantly reduce anxiety?

positive affirmations

Feeling anxious once in a while is normal, but living in a constant anxiety state is never good. You can do some things if you find yourself in a constant state of fear of worry that can help you ease your anxiety.

1. Ground yourself – Instead of thinking and worrying about the future, think about what’s happening right now. If you live in the future, you’ll never get to experience the present.

2. Be aware that everything is temporary – You might go through tough times; maybe you have a panic attack, and you think you’re about to die or have a heart attack, but remember that what you’re experiencing will be gone in a few minutes.

3. Fact-check your thoughts – Anxiety is a subtle mental illness; you might start believing everything your brain tells you because the negative thoughts you have are not so surreal so that they might be the reality, right? Be realistic, fact-check your thoughts, and remember that what you make up in your mind is way worse than reality.

4. Breathe – If you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel anxious, remember to breathe. Many exercises teach you the right way to breathe. Inhale and exhale, recenter your mind.

5. The 3-3-3 rule – This exercise will help you recenter your mind and ground yourself; it consists of looking around and naming three things you see. Then name three sounds you hear and finally touch three body parts. It’s an easy trick anyone can do, and it might seem silly, but it will bring you back to the present moment.

6. Watch something funny – Try making a playlist with all the funny videos you like to watch when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Laughter is the best medicine.

Short positive affirmations

short positive affirmations

1. Today is a beautiful day.
2. I deserve to be happy.
3. I choose happiness no matter what happens.
4. I’m so grateful to be happy right now.
5. My body is healthy and strong
6. I believe in myself
7. I’m grateful for my friends and family.
8. It’s okay if I make mistakes and am not perfect.
9. I can do anything I set my mind to.
10. I’m proud of the person I’m becoming.
11. My heart is open and willing to accept love.
12. I’m grateful for the loving relationships I have.
13. Today is a great day.
14. I’m ready to start the day.
15. I have the power to create my reality.
16. Nothing can stop me from having a good day.
17. I can handle anything that comes my way.
18. No matter what happens today, I will stay positive and upbeat.
19. I deserve to be successful.
20. I’m inspired and motivated to achieve everything my heart desires.
21. I’m in control of my thoughts.
22. I can turn any negative situation into a positive one.
23. Thinking positively comes naturally to me.
24. I feel great right now.
25. I deserve good things.
26. Every day, I’m getting better at what I do.
27. I’m capable of great things.
28. My voice matters, and I make a difference.
29.  I love solving problems and overcoming challenges.
30. I’m learning to be a better person.

Spiritual affirmations for anxiety

spiritual affirmations for anxiety

1. I’m continually growing and evolving into a better person.
2. I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.
3. I’m rising above the thoughts that are trying to make me angry or frightened.
4. I accept myself.
5. I’m not willing to get rid of tension, fear, and stress.
6. I’m not willing to see only his greatness.
7.  I’m always divinely protected.
8. Any reason to live, no matter how small that reason it is good enough.
9. I’m stronger than where I’m currently stuck at. I’m going to find my way out of this.
10. Even if I fall back one day, I won’t be stuck forever.
11. I believe in myself here and now.
12. I’m healing every day; I will continue to heal; I will let myself heal.
13. I have to remember that I have the power in me to walk away when a person or a situation isn’t healthy for me.
14. I do belong in the world; there are people that care about me.
15. My past may be ugly, but I’m still beautiful.
16. I have made mistakes, but I will not let them define me.
17. I refuse to give in to these feelings of defeat.
18. My actions are intentional, and I do everything with a purpose.
19. I’m worthy of good things, and so is everybody else.
20. I accept myself and treat myself with kindness and love.
21. I’m allowed to express pain.
22. I let go of people who do not have my best interests at heart.
23. I see my struggles as opportunities to learn and grow.
24. I’m going to keep living and I will figure this out.
25. With every breath, I inhale positivity and exhale my negativity.
26. To take care of others, I need to take care of myself.
27. Today might have been bad, but tomorrow is a new day.
28. I will be patient; there is no rush when I’m in the plan of God.
29. I trust that everything always works out for my highest good.
30. With every breath I take, I release the anxiety and fear from within me.

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